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2 Florida Deputies Shot Dead While Eating At Chinese RestaurantTwo deputies were killed when a man shot at them through a window while they

4/19/2018 9:23:44 PM

Ted Cruz shrugs off past feud and lauds Trump in Time essayTed Cruz wrote an essay for Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People of 2018” issue, praising President Trump, who the Texas senator once described as a "bully," "narcissist" and "serial philanderer."

4/19/2018 1:29:20 PM

These Are The Students Walking Out Of School To Protest Gun ViolenceStudents around the country walked out of class on Friday to bring attention

4/20/2018 11:14:00 AM

FAA orders jet engine inspections after Southwest explosionU.S. airline regulators have ordered inspections on engine fan blades like the one that snapped off a Southwest Airlines plane, leading to the death of a woman who was partially blown out a window. The Federal Aviation Administration’s announcement late Wednesday comes nearly a year after the engine’s manufacturer recommended the additional inspections, and a month after European regulators ordered their airlines to do the work. Pressure for the FAA to act grew after an engine on a Southwest plane blew apart on Tuesday, showering the aircraft with debris and shattering a window.

4/19/2018 6:56:20 AM

Dog feared to have cancer had actually eaten four teddy bears... but vet didn't realise until midway through operation A dog feared to cancer had actually eaten four teddy bears, but the vet did not realise until halfway through the operation. Eight-year-old St Bernard Maisy was taken for a CT scan after she was taken ill, which showed a mass on her spleen and an unusually full stomach, seemingly showing she had not digested her food properly. Her owner, Jane Dickinson, from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, feared the worst as she took her pet to Paragon Veterinary Referrals in Wakefield. It would not be unusual for Maisy, an elderly dog, to have cancer at her advanced age. However, vet surgeon Nick Blackburn ruled out any fatal disease when he carried out the operation to remove Maisy’s spleen and found her stomach was full of soft toys. Maisy is now reportedly 'loving life' Credit:  Paragon Vet Referrals / He said : "It's fair to say this was not something we were expecting to find! We all know certain dogs enjoy chewing things they shouldn't but managing to devour four full teddy bears is quite a feat. "I know Jane was worried about Maisy as she is quite old for a St Bernard, so we were naturally delighted the operation was such a success and we were able to return a happy, healthy dog to the Dickinsons.” Her owner said she had never seen the gentle giant chewing or eating toys, but that now the operation has been completed Maisy is “loving life”. An x-ray showing the teddy bears within the stomach. Credit: Paragon Vet Referrals / Ms Dickinson explained: "When Maisy went in I did think 'is she coming out?' but she is loving life now - it's like she's got her youth back. "The toys weren't even hers! She will steal the chihuahuas' toys and play with them but I've never seen her trying to chew them. Her eating habits had been completely normal. "I didn't even recognise one of the toys - my brother also keeps chihuahuas and it turns out it belonged to his dog." Maisy has since made a full recovery from her operation and a histology report has shown no signs of cancer.

4/20/2018 8:17:15 AM

Classic Recreations ready to churn out original Boss and Mach 1 MustangsIt's been a while since we last heard from the folks at Classic Recreations, but they've been busy. It turns out the Oklahoma-based company has secured a license from Ford to recreate some of the automaker's most cherished Mustangs. It will be a Boss 429, a car CR says only it's allowed to build under license.

4/19/2018 10:11:00 AM

Syrian rebels give up Damascus area town to governmentBEIRUT (AP) — The Syrian government took control of a town northeast of Damascus on Thursday after rebels evacuated to north Syria — the latest in a string of handovers by rebels to the government.

4/19/2018 2:43:28 PM

Puerto Rico governor urges cancellation of private company contract after massive blackoutPuerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said Wednesday's islandwide blackout, caused by an excavator next to a power transmission line in the south part of the island, was “unacceptable.”

4/19/2018 8:23:21 AM

Judge rejects Missouri governor's bid to dismiss criminal caseA St. Louis judge on Thursday dealt Missouri Governor Eric Greitens another legal setback in the sex scandal embroiling his office, refusing to dismiss a criminal invasion of privacy charge stemming from an admitted extramarital affair. The decision by Judge Rex Burlison paved the way for the single-count felony case against Greitens, a Republican under mounting pressure from both parties to resign, to proceed to trial even as he comes under scrutiny for unrelated accusations of computer tampering. Greitens' lawyers last week sought to throw out the privacy case on grounds of prosecutor misconduct, saying St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, a Democrat, had tried to conceal video evidence supporting the governor and his assertions that the affair was entirely consensual.

4/19/2018 5:17:22 PM

'Smallville' Actress Allison Mack Is Charged With Sex TraffickingActress Allison Mack was charged with sex trafficking on Friday in connection

4/20/2018 5:37:16 PM

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Mother's Day marks the return of the brunch and dinner cruises aboard the the SkipperLiner paddle wheeler that chugs along the Christina River.


4/20/2018 8:15:03 AM

"I feel like I'm renewing my vows," Sam joked as he held hands with Mariah while the Delaware Historical Society's History Makers award was presented.


4/20/2018 5:10:37 AM

New Farmer & The Cow on Market Street celebrates burgers and shakes. It builds on an up-the ante concept with some outrageous culinary surprises.


4/19/2018 11:14:31 AM


4/21/2018 1:56:07 AM


4/21/2018 12:13:33 AM


4/21/2018 1:31:35 AM

The show is directed by Tony Award-nominated Maria Aitken, who also directed last year’s “Tartuffe” and 2015’s “Heartbreak House.”


4/20/2018 9:06:01 PM

A searchable database of summer camps in and around Delaware.


2/27/2018 3:00:29 PM

Cab Calloway students dressed up to dance the night away at prom.


4/20/2018 9:25:28 PM

Looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day on Sunday? Here's a list of events happening in Delaware.


4/20/2018 5:04:02 PM

Home and Garden

Tips for home owners and renters

Home & Garden - Dover Post

Spring has sprung and with it, a whole new lineup of household chores. Even if you dread the infamous "honey-do" list, there’s a sweet side to it, though. Home maintenance in May paves the way to outdoor fun when summer comes (yippee!). With that worthy goal in mind, here’s our guide to sanding your deck.When to sand your deckFor best results, sand your deck every 1-2 years. QUICK TEST: Not sure if you need to sand this spring? Try this quick test. Sprinkle the [...]

4/19/2018 9:01:56 AM

What’s the home improvement work you dread most? Anything to do with roofing is probably right up there at the top of the list. Almost all homeowners see roof replacement as a necessary evil — noisy, messy, and expensive. And while roof repair will take care of leaks and similar problems for the short term, how long will it actually help?An alternative is roof restoration. Roof restoration is the process of renewing and coating your roof so that it will protect your [...]

4/12/2018 9:08:20 AM

For some folks, it’s a dream … a house where "move-in-ready" means just that: Everything is perfect and the new homeowners don’t have to lift a finger to design or decorate. And then there are the rest of us. We prefer to struggle with choosing (perhaps even installing) our home’s features ourselves. Decorating blogs, Pinterest boards, and samples of upholstery fabric or ceramic tile are the stuff our dreams are made of. If you’re one of us, you'll enjoy [...]

4/5/2018 9:43:02 AM

It’s uncomfortable, it’s embarrassing, and you’d really better fix it sooner rather than later. We’re talking about a loose, wobbly toilet. Fortunately, this is not a particularly difficult or expensive home improvement project to take care of. Whether it’s the base or the seat that is rocking and rolling, find out why and how to tighten a toilet.WARNING: Before inspection or repairs, turn off the water supply valve and flush your toilet to drain water [...]

3/29/2018 9:15:11 AM

Reader Question: We made a good offer on a home. The seller countered with $40,000 higher than our offer. According to our agent, the house is not on the market, so they are saving about 3 percent with a lower commission. The house needs significant upgrades. The bathrooms and the kitchen are original, and the house is very tired. The furnace, air conditioning, roof and water heater are at or past the end of their expected life. Any advice on getting them to see reason?Monty’s [...]

3/27/2018 9:54:33 AM

"Can you paint vinyl windows?" You may be asking this if you just had new energy-efficient vinyl windows installed … but they need a special finishing touch. Or maybe you replaced your rickety old aluminum window frames with vinyl a few years back … and now the new frames are starting to look a little dull, especially if you’re repainting your house’s exterior. So let’s look at the question in depth.Can you paint vinyl windows?The short answer [...]

3/22/2018 10:17:59 AM

A hailstorm is quite a sight to behold. Spheres of ice suddenly start falling from the sky — no matter what the season or what the temperature may be outdoors. Although a hailstorm usually lasts only a few minutes, it can cause tremendous damage to your property, because hailstones tend to fall with such force. Find out more about hail damage and how it can affect your home.About hail damageHailstones vary in size from the diameter of a pea (¼ inch) to the [...]

3/15/2018 10:25:30 AM

If you’re about to paint your walls, you know how hard it can be to find the perfect color. And it’s even harder should you be trying to match a particular shade. "Good enough" is not always good enough when you want the finished paint job to look just right, especially if you plan to hire a professional painter. [...]

3/8/2018 10:10:20 AM

Reader Question: We sold our home last year to downsize and rented an apartment for a year to try the lifestyle and give us time to consider what we would do next. We are now going to buy a home, but being out of the home buying market for 30 years, what are the big mistakes today’s homebuyers make? Monty’s Answer: Unlike many other products we consume, home buying is different for several reasons. We experience it so infrequently we don’t always know what questions to [...]

3/6/2018 11:26:49 AM

Renters insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense, but in fact, it can be a fantastic deal if you ever run into any problems. "It’s a common myth that your building owner’s insurance will cover you for any damage or theft," warns Tim Farrell, of Farrell Insurance Agency in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Farrell goes on to share some important facts about renters insurance in general.The cost of renters insuranceFarrell explains that while prices and policies may [...]

3/1/2018 10:23:12 AM